What Symptoms Can Stem Cells Treat?

What Symptoms Can Stem Cells Treat?

Stem Cell Therapy can be used to treat a number of health conditions ranging from cancer to back pain. Here at My Stem Cell Solutions, we give patients the ability to treat their conditions with a simple in-office treatment. Stem Cell Therapy is quick, easy and requires little to no downtime.

Through Stem Cell Therapy we’re able to target problem areas and deliver a high concentration of stem cells and other growth factors with a simple injection. Doing so stimulates healthy tissue growth and boosts your body’s natural healing process.

Musculoskeletal Care

Your body’s musculoskeletal system (spine, joints, and muscles) is incredibly important for our overall health. However, many people neglect to care for their structural support system until they experience discomfort or pain. Using Stem Cell treatments can address both symptoms and underlying conditions surrounding your musculoskeletal system.

Knee Pain

Stem Cell injections can be beneficial for those who suffer from age or injury related knee pain. Whether you’ve have arthritis, gout, tendonitis, a sprain, or other medical condition, stem cell treatments can help.

Forego months of drugs and rehab or risky surgical intervention and opt for a minimally invasive method of treatment for your knee pain.

Back Pain

Anyone with back pain knows it can have an adverse effect on every aspect of our lives. Nerve compression, herniated discs, and strains from physical injury can all be treated with Stem Cell Therapy.

Don’t rely on heavy medication or surgery for your back pain. Through a simple stem cell injection, you can be good as new in no time.

Neck Pain

Most neck pain goes away within a few days. However, chronic neck pain can be caused by bad posture, age, or other injuries such as car accidents. Both the symptoms and the cause of your chronic neck pain can be treated with stem cells.

If you have chronic neck pain lasting 3-months or more, Stem Cell Therapy may be the solution you need.

Joint Pain

Whether your joint pain is caused by a degenerative disorder like Kienbock’s disease, gout, or a physical injury it can have a negative impact on your daily routine. Joint pain can be reduced or even eliminated with the aid of stem cells.

If you’ve been diagnosed with a condition that requires surgery or joint replacement, Stem Cell Therapy may be an alternative treatment option for you.

My Stem Cell Solutions is at the forefront of this new and exciting technology. To learn more about stem cell therapy and if it’s right for you, give us a call at (800) 518-9307.

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