What Kinds of Stem Cells Can Be Used for Treatment?

What Kinds of Stem Cells Can Be Used for Treatment?

Stem Cell Therapy is at the forefront of medical technology. For decades, stem cells have been used to fight everything from cancer to autoimmune diseases and even joint pain. As research continues, stem cells are proving to be a surgery-free solution to a plethora of conditions.

Stem Cell Treatments give patients an alternative way to treat a variety of issues that would otherwise require surgery, intensive physical therapy, or heavy medication.

How Are Stem Cells Collected?

My Stem Cell Solutions offers two types of stem cells for treatment; Amniotic or Adipose (Fat). Talk to your stem cell specialist to help determine which type will be more beneficial for your needs. Both have their advantages but in the end, it’s up to you to decide.

Whatever you decide, you can be assured, each and every stem cell harvested at My Stem Cell Solutions is ethically and safely acquired.

Adipose Derived Stem Cells

Adipose, or fat collected, stem cells are collected through autologous methods. This means that both the donor and recipient are the same person. After a simple blood draw, one of our specialist will process, concentrate, and reinject the stem cells into the desired treatment area.

The adipose technique for collecting stem cells is ideal for adult tissue-specific issues. Stem cells gathered from an adult organ are more easily able to generate into different stem cells for that specific tissue. Because the stem cells come from your own body, the risk for immune rejection is extremely low.

Amniotic & Cord Blood Derived Stem Cells

Stem cells that come from the amniotic sac or cord blood are obtained after a healthy, live birth. My Stem Cell Solutions does not collect stem cells from the embryonic sac which could potentially harm mother or baby. There is absolutely zero risk to either mother or child during the collection process.

Stem cells derived after a planned C-section or live birth are newer and are able to easily differentiate themselves to a variety of types of tissue. Therefore, they’re able to treat multiple areas rather than tissue-specific stem cells found in adults.

Why Stem Cells?

As new technology and extraction techniques emerge, the use of stem cells in numerous treatments is looking more and more promising. Regenerative medicine has possibilities we’re only beginning to see. With more research underway, stem cells could prove to be the cure-all for hundreds of diseases and conditions.

My Stem Cell Solutions is at the forefront of this new and exciting technology. To learn more about stem cell therapy and if it’s right for you, give our office a call at (800) 518-9307.

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