Understanding Stem Cells: Ethical Misconception of Stem Cells

Understanding Stem Cells: Ethical Misconception of Stem Cells

When you hear the words ‘stem cells’ your mind likely wanders to the negative connotations in the media decades ago. However, stem cells are found naturally throughout our bodies and can be harvested in a number of ways. The ethical misconceptions of the past are unfounded today. With regenerative medicine, we’re able to treat patients without the cost or risks associated with traditional surgical methods.

What Are Stem Cells

Stem cells can be found throughout your body.  They’re undifferentiated cells that haven’t fully matured and can reside in bone marrow, blood, fat-tissue, as well as the GI tract. Your body naturally uses stem cells to repair itself from disease and other damage.

How Are Stem Cells Collected?

It’s a common misconception that stem cell treatment centers use embryonic (fetal) tissue for collection. At My Stem Cell Solutions, we absolutely do not use this technique. Instead, we use a variety of methods to obtain stem cells for therapeutic purposes.

The majority of stem cells collected are donated after live, healthy births and come from the umbilical cord and amniotic sac tissue.

Occasionally stem cells are obtained from an adult adipose tissue or bone marrow. In these cases, a needle is used to extract a few stem cells from the harvest area. After which, the stem cells are processed, concentrated, and reintroduced to the target area for therapy.

How Can We Use Stem Cells?

The use of stem cell biology in the treatment of cancer and other medical conditions have been around for decades. With today’s technology, however, we’re seeing new possibilities and applications for stem cell therapy.

We’re able to amplify the natural process of stem cells to help patients relieve chronic pain and speed the healing process of difficult injuries through regenerative medicine. Research has shown promising results for stem cell therapies in numerous health-related areas including (but not limited to); back, neck, and knee or joint pain, neurological diseases, autoimmune disorders, eye-related disorders.

My Stem Cell Solutions is at the forefront of this new and exciting technology. To learn more about stem cell therapy and if it’s right for you, give our office a call at (800) 518-9307.

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