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Amniotic and Adiposed Derived Stem Cells

At our facility, we offer our patients the option to use both Amniotic stromal cells along with concentrated cord blood or Adipose (fat) derived stem cells for use in their treatment.

Perinatal Biologics and Regenerative Potential

Amniotic stromal cells come from the Amniotic Sac, not the embryo. Unlike controversial embryonic perinatal biologics, amniotic cells are ethically and safely harvested without any risk to the child or mother. Concentrated cord blood is also ethically harvested from a donating mother after a live birth. Since both of these types are taken right after birth and contain brand new cells, their potential to easily differentiate into other types of tissue make them considered to be more potent than older adult stem cells.

Advantages of Amniotic and Cord Blood

  • They can turn into almost any type of cell tissue and can potentially treat multiple areas of damaged tissue.
  • They are brand new cells and are extremely potent. This means that they are able to heal more types of tissue quickly.
  • They are “immune-privileged,” meaning that they can be deployed into any patient with patient rejection being extremely rare.
  • They are harvested from a donating mother during either a scheduled C-section or after a live birth and processed at an FDA approved biologics lab. The cells go through rigorous testing like any other biologic tissue before being sent to our clinic.

Adiposed Derived Stem Cells

Adipose stem cells (ASCs) are a commonly used and abundant stem cell source with therapeutic applicability in diverse fields for the repair and regeneration of acute and chronically damaged tissues. Adipose stem cells are derived from a small sample of adipose tissue (fat) removed from the patient using a local anesthetic. Once taken, the adult stem cells are separated from the fat cells and filtered into a concentrated solution which is then administered back into the patient’s body to assist in healing.

Advantages of Adipose Stem Cells

  • Adipose tissue contains large volumes of mesenchymal stem cells. It is not unusual to obtain hundreds of millions of dormant stem cells from 120-200cc’s.
  • The procedure to harvest Adipose Stem Cells is minimally invasive.
  • These are autologous stem cells, meaning both donor and recipient are the same person, and thus immune rejection is extremely rare.

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